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A sturdy, versatile and convenient addition to any home workshop or job site. The Evolution mitre saw stand compliments the range of mitre saws with its lightweight and portable frame, that can be extended telescopically to support up to 3m workpieces and hold up to 150kg of weight. Then folded down to be stored away.

So, how convenient is the mitre saw stand?

The stand weighs 15kg and can be carried with one hand from the center bar.
The four legs of the stand can then be opened by simply pushing in the pins to release them.

Once upright you can easily adjust the two telescopic arms which are inside the central frame to be as wide or as short as possible. Fully extended the stand can support up to 3m length workpieces.

Both ends of the arms have rollers to run workpieces across without interfering and damaging any workpiece. The ends can be adjusted in height so the top of the rollers can be set at the same height of the mitre saw base. Mitre saws all vary in size so no matter which saw you have, you can be sure the stand will align with the base of the saw. An important factor when working on repeat cuts.

Another great feature in regards to repeat cutting is the fact you can adjust and lock the arms in place and rest workpieces on the resting plate of the arm.

This allows you to cut every piece of wood you have to the same length without measuring and marking every piece. Once you have one cut to size, the rest can be brought in, cut and then back out again. Making your work time faster, easier and more productive.

Is the mitre saw stand universal?

In a word, yes. The mitre saw stand is compatible with almost all brands of mitre saws, not just Evolution mitre saws.

Fitting the saw to the stand.

Okay, so now the stand is ready, but we now need to fit the saw into position.
The mitre saw stand comes with a variety of different sized nuts and bolts to ensure whichever mitre saw you have, you can securely fix the saw to the mounting brackets.

Please note: The mounting brackets run parallel with a channel down the middle, allowing you to insert the bolts between the channel and into the holes of the mitre saw base. If the mitre saw holes are not parallel with each other (the front hole and the back hole do not line up with the mounting bracket) then it aint going to fit on the mounting brackets. Rest assured, all Evolution mitre saws have 4 holes in the base of the saw and are all parallel. Making this part of the setup pretty straight forward.

With the saw now firmly fixed to the mounting brackets, you simply hook the front of the mounting to the front bar of the stand and then the back hook slides on to the back bar. Simple right?

Finally, the mounting bracket locking handles are pushed down and the saw is locked on to the stand.


The mitre saw stand requires a lot of space when fully extended, but its surprisingly compact once folded down.

With the stand folded down the saw can either be left attached to the stand or can be removed by unclipping the mounting brackets, rather than unbolting the saw, making it super easy to tidy away or transport from the work area to the van.


My name is Matt, the web guy at Evolution, I hope you find this page useful and here is a great video on Youtube from the Ultimate Handyman who shows how you can make an adaptor plate for this mitre saw stand so any mitre saw or chop saw can be fitted securely.

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