Do you purchase multiple blades for the same saw every year?

The following items are available to purchase on a subscription payment plan.

Includes FREE Shipping.
No Setup Fees. No Cancellation Fees.

To begin,
1. Pick the saw you want (at a discounted price).
2. Pick the frequency you want (monthly, quarterly or every 6 months).
3. Pick the blades you want (at a discounted price) at that frequency.
This means you can now purchase a saw at a discounted price and get the blades you want and when you want them. For example: Purchase the Evolution EVOSAW355 chop saw and get 1x 355mm Stainless Steel blade and 2x 355mm Aluminium blades every three months. You would receive the EVOSAW355 chop saw and the blades the next business day (if ordered before 3pm) and get the same blades again every 3 months.
You can cancel or change the subscription at any time.